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17.04.2023. How can ants solve a Traveller Salesman Problem? Try it here!
21.03.2023. How can you find the shortest path in a Graph? Using Dijkstra`s Algorithm. On the same page, you can try Ford-Fulkerson`s algorithm that computes the maximal flow.
25.02.2023. You can try here the principal Graph Algorithms: DFS (Depth First Search), BFS (Breadth First Search) and Bridge Search
31.08.2022. Each player shows 1,2 or 3 fingers, if the sum is even, you win, if it is odd, your opponent wins. Play against the computer or watch one AI play against another.
This game is also modeled on the cellular automaton version: the images strangely resemble the reaction of Belousov-Zhabotinsky...
24.08.2022. Train a neural network playing star collecting. Then put it to play alone.
03.08.2022. Two AIs compete playing Gomoku. Adjust the parameters for each of them, let's see who wins!
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